KBC 1100

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The KBC1100 Bridge Crane is capable of handling 1200 lbs. at a radius of 24 ft. from track centerline.

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Equipped with rail clamps for stability on bridges.

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A powerful winch is located on the boom of the machine for extra functionality.

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Joystick controls allow for precise boom movement and less stress on the operator.

Technical Specs

  • length- boom extended
    31'-0" (9.5m)
  • length-boom retracted
    18'-4" (5.6m)
  • height-boom extended
    9'-5" (2.9m)
  • height-boom retracted
    13'-5" (4.1m)
  • width
    8'-5" (2.6m)
  • wheelbase
    6'-0" (1.83m)
  • wh. diameter
    16" (406mm)
  • weight
    23,000 lbs. (10.4T)

Machine Description

Knox Kershaw’s KBC1100 Tie Handling Bridge Crane is capable of handling 1200 lbs. at a radius of 24 ft. from track centerline. The 4000 lb. capacity winch easily handles caps and stringers within a radius of 10 ft. from track centerline. Center locking rail dogs clamp the machine to the rails for working over the side. The upper deck and tie grapple are capable of 360-degree rotation. Boom and grapple design provides the ability to replace ties, caps, and stringers quickly, with minimal manpower.

  • Upper Deck and Mainframe

    Heavy duty all welded reinforced construction to withstand loading and provide long life. Minimal tail swing to reduce the possibility of fouling the adjacent track (on 11’-6” centers).

  • Cab

    Fully enclosed cab includes ergonomic seat with joystick controls for all boom operations. Air conditioner with heater and pressurizer are standard equipment. Equipped with travel lights, work lights, brake lights, strobe light, horn, and fire extinguisher.

  • Engine Assembly

    John Deere Model 4045, 99 hp, Tier 3, 24V electrical system

  • Wheels and Brakes

    16” cast steel wheels. Service brakes are air applied, spring released; and parking brakes are spring applied, air released on all wheels.

  • Propel System

    3” diameter alloy steel axles. Both axles are driven with hydraulic motors. An optional series/parallel propel system is available for increased tractive effort and speed.

  • Hydraulic System

    Pressure compensated pump (direct coupled to engine) provides power for propel and all boom/grapple operations. A double-gear pump (coupled to pressure compensated pump) continuously cools/polishes the hydraulic oil and powers the hydraulically driven A/C.

  • Capacities

    Fuel: 80 gal. (303 L), Hydraulic Tank: 58 gal (220 L)

  • Optional Equipment

    Extended cab, Hydraulic drive air conditioner, Insulated wheels, Basket grapple, Two tie grapple, Lockable toolbox, Lexan windows, Rear window wiper, Bumper kit, Emergency shutdown, Brush cutter attachments, Hand pump for hydraulic oil fill, Test station.